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Nikon Fm2 Drinking Flash 180mm Tri-X Nude Snow Winter 1987

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Cary Quad Nude Olympics

Tuesday, January 27th, 1987
(27 years 90 days ago)

Camera: Nikon FM2
Media: Tri-X
Lens: 180mm

Cary Quad Nude Olympics

As quoted elsewhere on the 'net:
Purdue had the nude olympics where on one of the coldest days of winter, people would gather in the courtyard of Cary Quad, strip and run a lap or two around the courtyard. The school decided to put a stop to this long standing tradition by having undercover police photograph the participants. Most people wore masks so they got the RAs involved to identify the offending tallywackers.
So - here's proof that it happened.

The year previous to this, the year the campus police started cracking down, I was a participant - and ran 25 laps around the ~quarter mile Quad.

It was c-o-l-d, damn betcha.

And I didn't get caught.

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former athlete
gbkdesigner-at-yahoo.com - billy
19Sep2013 8:34 PM (212 days 7 hours ago)
I ran in 1991 and while it is a fond memory I was the only one who did not wear a mask out of the total of 4 runners and although I was wearing socks I still almost had frostbite on my feet